This page shows confirmed sessions and speakers for GHX Summit 2024. Additional sessions will be added as they are confirmed.

The full detailed agenda, with session dates, times, abstracts and speaker profiles, will be published in mid-April.

Agenda subject to change. Last update: April 10


GHX President & CEO Tina Vatanka Murphy opens GHX Summit 2024, welcoming all attendees and sharing how to make the most of the three days ahead. Additional details to be announced. 

Speaker: Tina Vatanka Murphy, President and CEO, GHX 


Under increased public scrutiny and the added pressure of a presidential election year, healthcare executives face a myriad of issues in 2024. Join noted economist and healthcare policy analyst Paul Keckley as he outlines the most impactful issues facing healthcare systems and their suppliers, from price controls and transparency to the future of regulatory oversight, consolidation and increased outside competition.

Speaker: Paul Keckley, Respected healthcare policy analyst and managing editor of The Keckley Report


Esteemed Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School Ranjay Gulati presents a comprehensive model for how to develop successful leadership in the context of tremendous market uncertainty. This interactive lecture will provide a detailed assessment of the delicate transition from producer to manager to executive. Professor Gulati will discuss specific actions in making those transitions. It will conclude with a personal leadership roadmap for those seeking to develop skills in themselves. Some of the topics discussed will include: 

  • Leadership as a dynamic relationship between managing vertically and horizontally in a global organization 
  • Mobilizing, influencing, and driving change to adapt to turbulent market conditions 
  • Embracing a mindset of playing to win 
  • Skills and behaviors associated with effective delegation 
  • Effective self-management skills that are essential to becoming an impactful leader 

Get ready for an insightful and powerful message from one of the top ten most-cited academics in economics and business.

Speaker: Speaker: Dr. Ranjay Gulati, PhD, Leading Business Strategist and Author of Deep Purpose: The Heart and Soul of High Performance Companies


The future belongs to organizations that enlist everyone in the effort to adapt swiftly to relentless change. But in the changing world of work, building community, collaboration, and engagement has become harder than before. Creating a culture that spawns fresh ideas is only half the battleshowing people how to move their ideas forward is the other half that most leaders and organizations miss. 

Speaker: Suneel Gupta, Expert, Connecting Well-Being and Performance; Healthcare Entrepreneur; Bestselling Author; Host, American Express Business Class Docuseries; Visiting Scholar, Harvard Medical School


We are all born creative, full of imagination and unafraid to make mistakes. And these qualities are often dulled by time—but they don’t have to be. It’s by reconnecting with our innate confidence (as well as with each other) that we can face crisis, change, and fear with agility and grace. Val Vigoda provides powerful insights on how to do this through her own unique stories of overcoming adversity, punctuated by songs that elevate and clarify her message. Don't miss this talented, transformational entertainer that will inspire you be more creative, connected and fearless.

Speaker: Valerie Vigoda, Keynote Speaker, Indie Rocker, Electric Violinist and Singer/Songwriter for Disney & Off-Broadway



45 minute sessions

Discover the power of "systemness" in healthcare supply chains. This session will focus on transparency and collaboration as key to handling mergers, crises, and financial shifts. Learn about tools and strategies for maintaining agile, resilient supply chain operations and thrive in a changing healthcare landscape.


Rebecca Holt, Vice President, Supply Chain Clinical Resources and Analytics, Ardent Health Services
Kelley Young, Sourcing Director, Clinical Products and Value Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Henry Ford Health
Kelli McRory, Enterprise Vice President, Clinical Strategic Sourcing/Procurement Operations, Jefferson Health

Moderator: Suzanne Smith, BSN, RN, Principal Solution Advisor, GHX


Explore the value of aligning your clinical vision with operational efficiency to balance cost effectiveness and patient outcomes effectively with practical strategies to drive clinician involvement.


Dr. Patrick Osam, MD, Clinical Advisor to the CQVA team and Supply Chain Department, Baptist Health - Little Rock
Guy Love, RN, CNOR, Director, Clinical Resource Integration, Providence

Moderator: Dan Hermes, Director, Advisory Services, GHX


Managing pricing in healthcare can often seem like an unsolvable puzzle, but it doesn’t have to. Hear from a leading global supplier and the GHX Consulting team on how they’re tackling issues with the sending and ingestion of the very important, yet very complex, price file. Discover strategies to overcome customer system limitations, enable a better partnership for all customers (GHX or not) and ultimately reduce price exceptions. 


Robin Curry, Director, Order Excellence, Smith+Nephew
Daniel Stehle, Manager Order Automation & Billing, US, Smith+Nephew
Darrell Padilla, Director, Consulting Services, GHX

Moderator: Stacey Breeden, Strategic Account Director, GHX


Expansion is greatly influencing the move to cloud-based supply chain management. Discover how providers can embrace digital transformation while expanding existing operations and as part of a merger and acquisition from one large IDN. 


Tim Heist, System Director, ERP, Bon Secours Mercy Health/Advantus Health Partners
Eric Medved, Senior EDI Administrator, Bon Secours Mercy Health
Danish Abbasi, Director, Technology and Analytics, Corporate Supply Chain, Corewell
Don Morren, Project Specialist, Corewell


Find out how Cleveland Clinic Supply Chain & Support Services built a digital supply chain ecosystem that is global, agile, modern and resilient. This session highlights their transition to an integrated cloud platform and discusses ERP, contracting, and inventory management. Discover their strategies for scalability, efficiency and decision-making across multiple locations in Ohio, Florida and the UK, and hear how they've expanded these practices beyond traditional supply chain boundaries.

Speaker: Geoffrey Gates, Senior Director, SCSS P2P & Technology, Cleveland Clinic


A smooth transition to a cloud-based ERP solution takes preparation, but what kind of preparation makes the biggest difference? 

Hear Norton Health and MultiCare Health System discuss their journey to Workday and reflect on decisions that helped ensure low PO failures at go-live, low price exceptions and new, more efficient business processes.  

This session will be beneficial to any health system preparing to move to a cloud-based ERP, as well as those seeking a strategic roadmap for supply chain transformation.


Brent Pacanowski, System Director, Supply Chain Logistics, Analytics and Optimization, Norton Healthcare
Raymond Chung, Manager, Applications and Data, MultiCare Health System
Susan Agan, Supervisor, Applications and Data, MultiCare Health System


Join Franciscan Alliance and Mount Sinai Health System as they unveil their unique journeys of remarkable improvement in Perfect Order KPIs and PO volume management.

Explore the transformative strategies they deployed and learn about proven tactics and best practices that were pivotal to success, including how they leveraged worklists, EDI adoption, managed services, AI and data-driven insights to achieve their goals.

This session will present compelling “before and after” snapshots relating to Perfect Order KPIs and provide practical examples of how CCX, Supply Chain Analytics and NuVia/Data Connect can help you power perfect orders.


Corynn Myres, Supervisor, Data Integrity, Franciscan Alliance 
Franco Sagliocca, MBA, FACHE, Corporate Director, Supply Chain, Mount Sinai Health System
Vishal Goel, Senior Director, Supply Chain Systems, Mount Sinai Health System 


In 2022, healthcare providers and suppliers united to pioneer community-driven recommendations for consignment implant bill-only order automation.

At the 2023 Summit, these pathfinders shared insights on the power of collaboration, practical lessons from implementing these recommendations and their transformative benefits. Now, a year later, join us to discover what they've learned, how their workflows have evolved and new strategies to refine and simplify this process further. 


Jack Koczela, Director, Supply Chain Services, Froedtert Health
Ryan Rotar, Executive Director, ERP Solutions, UNC Health
Donald Emery, Manager, Supply Chain Procure-to-Pay, HealthTrust
Urvi Shah, Senior Manager, EDI, Johnson & Johnson

Moderator: Josh Skiba, Director, Product Management, GHX 


Effective contract price management can help prevent overpayment and excess costs. Join UCHealth, Inova and Greater Baltimore Medical Center as they explore price management challenges such as streamlining the detection of price differences, managing exceptions, adjudication, and resolution in the ERP. This session will also discuss the role of GHX Data Connect for Cloud in automating price updates and maintaining the item catalog in Oracle Cloud, Infor Cloudsuite and Workday. Key outcomes include lessons learned from implementation, achievements in automation and how data integrity can support organizational goals.


Kimberly Castillo, Business Systems Analyst Sr., UCHealth
Cesar Ordonez, Sr. Procurement and Supply Chain Analytics Manager, Greater Baltimore Medical Center
Chris Jakubek, Manager, Supply Chain Data, Inova Health System 


Discover how healthcare providers and suppliers are working to improve rush order resiliency by collaborating on industry standards and expectations. Featuring Children's Mercy of Kansas City, Cardinal Health and CommonSpirit, these customers will discuss the hard (and sometimes intangible) challenges that come up along the way, including learning to trust the process for automating rush orders – whether they be driven by backorders, substitutions, special requests – in the first place. 


Kevin Boley, IS Analyst II, Children's Mercy of Kansas City
Theresa Franckowiak, Director, B2B-EDI Implementations, Cardinal Health
Dan Zaborowski, CMRP, Procurement Manager, CommonSpirit  

Moderator: Susan LaFountain, Product Manager, Industry Adoption, GHX


How operating room supplies are managed has historically been disjointed and disconnected from supply chain, often relying on a clinician and without direct visibility to supply chain management teams. This session, led by Dr. Jimmy Chung of Advantus Health Partners, explores the role and value of surgical navigators: supply chain associates with clinical experience who support ORs by ensuring the availability of the right supplies, accuracy of preference/procedure cards, timely communication with physicians to drive change and maintain compliance, and optimal use of the time and skills of OR clinical staff.

Speaker: Dr. Jimmy Chung, Chief Medical Officer, Adventus Health Partner  


Find out what it takes to achieve ambitious cloud ERP migration deadlines and automation goals from two leaders in this area: Olmsted Medical Center and El Camino Health. This session will focus on practical strategies for successful automation and the challenges to expect along the way. Hear from these proven leaders in digital transformation as they share their real-world experiences, insights and recommendations for overcoming manual processes, clearing bottlenecks, adopting EDIs for cloud, fixing process inefficiencies between supply chain and accounts payable and more.


Mike Thompson, Director, Olmstead Medical Center    
Paul Hasbrook, Senior Director, Supply Chain and Expense Management, El Camino Health    
Venkata Niveesh Machumalla, Senior Systems Analyst, El Camino  

Moderator: Hitch Pursel, Manager, SMB Provider Sales​, GHX


This session will delve into the transformative power of physician education in driving sourcing best practices and remarkable ROI. Discover how Virtua Health’s project, spearheaded by collaborative efforts and strategic physician engagement, set a new standard in healthcare sourcing. Learn actionable insights and best practices gleaned from this journey, and how they can be applied to achieve similar successes in your organization.


Ana Victoria Sanchez, MHA, Vice President, Supply Chain & Support Services, Virtua Health 
Christina Bobco MSN, CCRN-K, Manager, Clinical Resource Management, Virtua Health

Moderator: Kristin Motter, RN, BSN, MBA, CVAHP, Strategic Sourcing & Value Analysis Consultant, GHX


Data integrity is an essential part of an organization’s data quality, but data integrity can mean different things to different organizations. This informative session will provide insights and perspectives on the importance of data integrity and explore how data quality can impact operations. 

Attendees will hear how partners like GHX can support improved data quality in terms of accuracy and completeness, and learn more about building the business case for data quality improvement.


Corey Trautman, Interim AVP, Logistics & Supply Chain Operations, Orlando Health 
Eric Swaim, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, HealthTrust

Moderator: Marlin Doner, Vice President, Product Management, GHX


For years, bill-only workflows have remained stagnant and complex... Until now! Join this session to hear firsthand how integrating a bill-only process can support clinical staff and help tackle the complexity of bill-only item identification, documentation and overall workflow. Hear from leading health systems on their ambitious "what ifs" related to bill-only challenges, how they are tackling them and what they have learned on their journey to success. This session will explore how a bill-only workflow provides the tools needed to automate, audit and manage bill-only items from the point of service through the procurement lifecycle. 


Carmen Winfield, Vice President, Supply Chain, McLeod Health
William Lee Jr., Director, Supply Chain, Connecticut Children's
Joshua Grulke, System Director, Supply Chain Operations, Allina Health

Moderator: Matthew Behr, Senior Manager, Implementation Delivery, GHX


In this session, Brandon Droz, AVP of Supply Chain at MUSC Health (Medical University of South Carolina), shares his approach to driving end-to-end automation processes with a focus on paperless, touchless invoicing and payment. The key to their success was a strong purchasing-AP collaboration that resulted in best practice Perfect Order Metrics. Giving employees a positive culture through a career path based on high performance, calibrated talent, combined with experience, skill set and tenure, proved to be essential elements of this transformation.

Speaker: Brandon Droz, AVP, Supply Chain, MUSC Health  

Moderator: Jaime Frame, Sr. Director, Business Development-Provider, GHX


Creating policies can be easy, but enforcing them isn’t! Hear from cross-functional supply chain and security leaders from the Cleveland Clinic as they share their journey and experiences driving vendor compliance and enforcing consistent utilization. 

The session will cover the challenges, best practices and solutions that helped build a culture of compliance system-wide, from securing leadership and team buy-ins to practical steps for enforcing a “no badge, no entry” policy. Health systems navigating any stage of their compliance journey will benefit from this team’s unique insights.


Mandy Gornall, Director, Vendor Management, Cleveland Clinic
Janeen Medwetz, Program Coordinator, Protective Operations, Cleveland Clinic  


Learn how UPMC is transforming Accounts Payable (AP) through process and payment automation in partnership with GHX and critical suppliers. This session will help attendees identify criteria for payment automation that best suits their business needs and explore its many benefits, including reducing operational costs, compliance and greater visibility for cash management and forecasting.

Speaker: Kelly Coxon, Senior Director, Procure to Pay, UPMC

Moderator: Nate Smith, Vice President, Business Development, GHX


With over five years of invoicing and twelve years of payment automation under their belts, Piedmont Healthcare knows some tips and tricks to reducing cost and manual touches in the procure-to-pay process. In this fireside chat, Piedmont discusses how they have automated PO and non-PO invoicing, advocated for mutually beneficial payment strategies and championed digital transformation. 

Speaker: Aaron Eide, P2P Contact Center Manager, Piedmont Healthcare

Moderator: Renee Ryan, Director, Customer Development, GHX


Major organizational changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, can be moments of great opportunity or moments of great confusion. In this fireside chat, Amy Meyers, C2C Regional Process Owner from Baxter/Hill-Rom discusses how, amidst major change, she reinforced Hill-Rom customer relationships and aligned with Baxter leadership on payment policies to achieve scalable invoice-to-cash excellence.

Speaker: Amy Meyers, C2C Regional Process Owner, Americas, Baxter Healthcare

Moderator: Ralph Engle, Account Development Manager, GHX


Find out how Advocate Health and Johnson & Johnson MedTech (JJMT) advanced their partnership and delivered greater order efficiencies and consolidation. The session will reveal how a mutual, strategic leadership objective led the organizations to optimize supply chain operations and distribution to quantify the results of this initiative. Panelists will share how orders and shipment data analysis across multiple JJMT categories and Advocate sites drove a channel shift, order consolidation and ongoing monitoring, which led to encouraging environmental impacts with Carbon Estimator.


Chet Damania, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Customer Solutions, Johnson & Johnson
Travis Miller, Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, Advocate Health

Moderator: Karen Conway, MSc, CMRP, CLSSGB, CEO, ValueWorks


This session will share insight and best practices from the Defense Health Agency (DHA) on how they improved the patient experience within a DHA treatment facility. Attendees will learn how the DHA leveraged information technology and nurtured supply chain partnerships that resulted in improving the patient journey from the time a patient enters, moves through and exits the care delivery process. 

Learn how the DHA harnessed the power of technology, data and people from the perspective of five distinct “patient journey” touchpoints. Attendees will also learn how DHA IT and DHA logistics partnered to take advantage of clinically linked and relevant data.


Jennifer Kuntz, Program Manager, DHA SDD MEDLOG IT PMO
Jason Miller, Chief of Medical Logistics Data & Information Management, Defense Health Agency
John P. (JP) Rogers, Managing Partner, Letterman Solutions

Moderator: Tina Johansen, Executive Director, Government Accounts, GHX 


In 2023, Allina ranked 8th on Gartner’s Top 25 Healthcare Supply Chain Ranking, up from 20th the previous year. Join Tom Lubotsky, Allina’s VP of Supply Chain, as he shares unique insights and best practices that contributed to their improved position. Attendees will learn about key focus areas including reducing clinical variation and building relationships with suppliers. Mr. Lubotsky will also share how Allina is working to reduce greenhouse emissions while increasing spend with diverse suppliers.

Speaker: Tom Lubotsky, FACHE, Vice President, Supply Chain, Allina Health


With the SNS now fully integrated as a part of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), this session will review the continued growth, collaboration and maturity of the SNS in the post-covid world. Attendees will learn how the SNS has expanded its capabilities and responsibilities in order to minimize supply chain disruptions. This informative session will provide attendees with an opportunity to hear and participate in this public/private mission to bolster our nation’s preparedness efforts. Attendees will also learn how the SNS is leveraging data systems and relationships to enhance communication.


John Fredenberg, Deputy, Office of Supply Chain Alliance and Development, HHS/ASPR's Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)
Daniela Estremera, Partnership Engagement, HHS/ASPR's Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)

Moderator: Tina Johansen, Executive Director, Government Accounts, GHX 


Since their go-live with Infor Cloudsuite in November 2023, the supply chain team at Aspirus Health has been embracing new ideas and innovating. The session explores how their work has evolved in the three months since moving to the Cloud. 

Find out how their processes and workflows evolved and discover the capabilities enhancing their use of the Infor Cloudsuite platform such as the use of punchout, auto requisitioning, team views, contract links and more.

Speaker: Julie Trudeau, System Manager, Procurement, Aspirus Health

Moderator: Trudy Lotter, Solutions Specialist, GHX


A fireside chat featuring Judy Webb-Hapgood, a leading Chief Supply Chain Officer from the University of Miami Health System, and Suzanne Smith, a seasoned expert in Value Analysis at GHX. This session will delve into the critical findings of AHVAP and GHX's recent industry survey, focusing on the pressing need for financial literacy within Healthcare Value Analysis (HVA) teams. Given that less than half of HVA professionals know their organization's net patient revenue, we'll explore the profound implications these metrics have on things such as total cost of care, reimbursement rates and credit ratings.  

Attendees will dive deeper into the essential financial knowledge that HVA professionals should be able to understand and harness, as well as strategies for cross-team collaboration and the reasons why financial acumen is so important to driving value and quality in patient care.

Speaker: Judy Webb-Hapgood, MBA, RN, Chief Supply Chain Officer, University of Miami & University of Miami Health System - Miller School of Medicine

Moderator: Suzanne Smith, BSN, RN, Principal Solution Advisor, GHX


Customer Service, eCommerce and Credit & Collections want an order-to-cash process that is efficient, headache-free, and delivers a great customer experience. Boston Scientific discusses how these three teams came together to invest in a successful, automated order-to-cash process that improves provider relationships and leverages best practices.

Speaker: Lisa Di Memmo, Associate Director, Credit & Collection, Boston Scientific

Moderator: Ralph Engle, Account Development Manager, GHX


Join this session to hear the challenges and successes of implementing the HIDA healthcare guidelines and standards to improve price accuracy across trading partners—manufacturer, distributor and provider. HIDA representatives will provide highlights on the journey to the adoption of industry standards, sharing both opportunities and challenges. 

Go deep to better understand how data completeness in price catalogs, loading data in a timely manner, UOM, packaging strings, contract numbers, ”winning price” and imaging URLs within the product catalog (EDI 832) impact success.
You’ll be inspired to drive change and adoption within your organization. Get on a "happy path" where touchless orders and chargeback processes are the norm.


Manpreet Kaur Sandhu, Senior Manager, Industry Affairs, HIDA
Nancy Montemarano, Vice President, Commercial Contracting, BD
Barbara McRay, Director, Rebates, Owens & Minor
Geoffrey Gates, Senior Director, SCSS P2P & Technology, Cleveland Clinic

Moderator: Denise Odenkirk, Vice President, Supplier Sales, GHX


This informative session will share insight into how Madigan Army Medical Center will leverage a technology-enabled approach and deploy a “no scan” supply chain solution. The session will provide information on plans to improve its demand forecasting capability while using real-time analytics to better manage supply cost variation and improve patient outcomes.  
Attendees will learn how Madigan Army Medical Center plans to use an RFID-enabled Kanban system amidst strict IT and cyber requirements to provide real-time, accurate data that will simplify and automate inventory management. 


Rick Barnhill Jr., Chief Health Informatics Officer, Puget Sound Market, Deputy CHIO, Madigan Army Medical Center 
Paul Castillo, Chief of Logistics, Madigan Army Medical Center


ECU Health discusses how they are achieving digital transformation goals by aligning with strategic banking and supply chain partners. In this session, ECU Health, alongside GHX and Commerce Bank, reviews how a seamless collaboration between all three entities is allowing ECU to leverage automation for an optimized order-to-cash experience.  


Bill Vaughn, Vice President, Sales, Commerce Bank
Jennifer Worsley, Vice President, Finance and System Controller, ECU Health



45 minute sessions (each session will be offered twice)

Empower teams with clinical research and spend analytics to make more informed sourcing decisions and evaluate performance.


April Imel, Sr. Clinical Solution Specialist, GHX
Leighann Kreitzer, Solutions Specialist, GHX 

Gain valuable insights and practical tips to simplify and optimize daily content management and procurement activities resulting in more controlled, efficient, and accurate purchasing practices.


Doug Keverline, Sr. Solutions Specialist, GHX
Kathy Palmentere, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Explore the essential elements needed for providers and suppliers to fully automate and proactively manage orders.


Andrea Bundermann, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Trudy Lotter, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Learn how providers and suppliers can automate and greatly simplify invoice and payment processes.


Mike Mercado, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Kathy Palmentere, Solutions Specialist, GHX 
Brandon Griess, Channel Sales Director, GHX
Stanley Blake, Channel Account Management Manager, GHX


Learn how inventory management software and services improve visibility into warehouse, distribution, and clinical inventories, increase operational efficiencies and reduce unnecessary supply spend and waste.


Jeff Elmhurst, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Alex Thomas, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Discover how credentialing and compliance tools help hospitals and health systems mitigate risks, improve compliance, and strengthen supplier relationships.

Speaker: Andrea Bundermann, Solutions Specialist, GHX


20 minute sessions

The proliferation of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) models has opened up a world of new possibilities for optimization and automation. While the infinite potential use cases may seem overwhelming, starting small and starting is the best way to get acquainted with this new mindset, language and problem-solving methodology.

In this session, Loughry will present examples of Gen AI use cases to address common challenges faced by healthcare supply chain teams today.

Speaker: Bryan Loughry, Director, Data Science, GHX 

Bill-only implant and consignment orders have long been a major headache for healthcare providers. To send orders via EDI, providers had to create their own customizations or rely on their ERP system reps and GHX technical resources for assistance.

Good news Workday customers! In this session, learn about Workday and GHX's “plug and play” guide to automating bill-only implant and consignment orders through Workday’s cloud ERP system.


Beck Mankowski, Director, Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions, Workday
Joy Alvey, Procurement Ops Specialist, WVU Medicine


Value analysis has historically focused on evaluating products based on cost and efficacy. But as we move to a value-based healthcare system, we must consider other socio-economic and environmental factors.

This session will explore the concept of a clinically and socially integrated supply chain, where products are assessed on an expanded array of factors that impact population health and the achievement of a health system’s strategic objectives.

Conway will present a methodology that organizations can use to score products based on a range of factors, including their role in reducing health disparities and fighting climate change.

Speaker: Karen Conway, MScHCD, CMRP, CEO, ValueWorks


Prodigo Solutions is now GHX Marketplace, and the value for our customers is clear. Dig into the details with Senior Vice President of Value Realization, Mike DeLuca, and see how GHX Marketplace helps shape demand at the point of requisition, optimizing cash flow on the back end for providers and suppliers alike. In addition, he will explore how supply chain leaders can help deliver on healthcare’s ESG objectives and highlight GHX’s ongoing work to further automate those workflows.

Speaker: Michael DeLuca, Senior Vice President, Value Realization, GHX

Healthcare pricing is notoriously complex with its many stakeholders and a constant churn of changes. In this session, hear how Medline is carrying out its mission to achieve 100% pricing accuracy by marrying its own perspectives on pricing problems with those of its customers. 

Robert Brandt will present key findings from Medline’s customer roundtables on the topic of pricing complexity, including innovative ways they are collaborating with customers to solve match exceptions.

Speaker: Robert Brandt, Senior Director, Sales Administration, Medline


This session will delve into Providence St. Joseph Health's (PSJH) adept handling of supply chain disruptions, spotlighting their resilience strategies. Guy Love will offer a comprehensive overview of PSJH's approach, highlighting their use of innovative technologies and the cultivation of strong supplier relationships. Attendees will learn about the effective measures PSJH implemented to ensure operational continuity and efficiency, even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Speaker: Guy Love, RN, CNOR, Director, Clinical Resource Integration, Providence Health


Unit of measure (UOM) and part number exceptions prevent perfect order processing, which leads to costly, manual intervention for providers and suppliers alike. With the goal of driving excellence across the board, the LivaNova team partnered with customers to significantly reduce exception rates, resulting in improved order efficiency and accuracy. 

In this session, they will share three collaborative customer success stories, each unique in their methods of communication around exception resolution and all with exceptional results. Attendees will learn best practices for prioritizing customers for the greatest impact, tracking perfect order rates over time and pursuing continuous improvement using GHX Supply Chain Analytics.


Chris Anne Cocanougher, Senior Director, Commercial Operations, LivaNova
Amy Antoline, Supervisor, Customer Service, LivaNova
Stacy Ransom, Senior Manager, Customer Service, LivaNova 


GHX is committed to addressing evolving healthcare challenges important to our supplier and provider community. Among these initiatives are the transformation of care delivery to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and creating a cohesive, intelligent implant ecosystem. In this session, Rob Stineman and Monica Vajani from GHX’s Strategy and Corporate Development team will explore the pressing industry hurdles related to ASCs and implant integration and the different ways we are reducing workflow complexity. They will also unveil forthcoming innovation programs available for participation this year. Join us to delve into the forefront of healthcare innovation and collaborative problem-solving.


Rob Stineman, Director, Strategy & Corporate Development, GHX
Monica Vajani, Executive Director, Innovation, GHX


Is your vendor record perfect? Or do duplicate, inaccurate and erroneous supplier locations cause misdirected purchase orders (PO) and payments, past due invoices, and major headaches for your procure-to-pay team? In this session, Nuvance Health describes how they set up their vendor record (and their team!) for success by collaborating with a key supplier to map the health system’s vendor record locations to the supplier’s correct taxable entities. Key to this collaborative effort was a chance meeting between Nuvance Health and their supplier at the 2023 GHX Summit in Chicago.


Scott Skrzypczak, Associate VP, Operations and Procure-to-Pay, Nuvance Health
Stephanie Floody, Accounting Systems Specialist/Accounting & Finance, Nuvance Health


In modern workplaces, authenticity and diversity are indispensable for professional growth and organizational success. This session explores key aspects for thriving in modern workplaces, spotlighting LGBTQIA+ perspectives and the potential for powerful, positive impact. We will also discuss embracing authenticity and the power of small actions for significant outcomes. Through interactive demonstrations, we highlight the importance of open dialogue and discomfort in personal, professional, and organizational growth. Join our Q&A for insightful discussions on fostering inclusivity and driving positive change. Let's navigate modern workplaces together, uncovering the principles of diversity and inclusion and its impact.


Kristin Dickson, Instructional Designer, GHX
Coleman Childers, Consultant, GHX


Hear the step-by-step journey of how two healthcare leaders, HCA and J&J, worked collaboratively with GHX to achieve a touchless rate of 82% for bill-only purchase orders (PO) via EDI. Speakers Emery and Cunningham will cover the technical aspects of their transformative work, stakeholder buy-in and change management across HCA facilities, and ongoing collaboration to resolve issues and stay on the path to success. They will also discuss the mutual benefits of bill-only PO automation, including greater efficiency and productivity among HCA’s AP team and J&J’s AR team, and a 34% reduction in payments that exceed 30 days. 


Don Emery, Manager, Procure to Pay, HCA
Ryan Cunningham, Systems Analyst, Johnson & Johnson


When Cordis faced the risk of its 200 sales and marketing team members losing access to provider facilities they supported, their Sales Enablement team sprung into action with a vendor credentialing continuity plan. Hear how Cordis successfully navigated this transition amid a post-merger divestiture with a single internal resource backed by the expertise, guidance and support of the GHX Credentialing Managed Service team. Learn how this transition set the foundation for continued compliance where the company can quickly satisfy new customer requirements. The process is now so efficient that Cordis has reallocated 50-60% of their internal support person’s time to other Sales Enablement activities.


Elena Rodriguez, MBA, PMP, Sales Enablement Director, Cordis
Shabana Lakdawala, Sales Enablement Manager, Cordis



Summit Central is an expansive area set up to facilitate a variety of networking and learning opportunities and is available on a drop-in basis. It’s open throughout the GHX Summit except during General Sessions.  

  • Solution Zone – Spend time 1:1 with GHX product experts to ask questions, talk best practices, and gain hands-on knowledge about GHX solutions.  
  • GHX Experience – Learn how GHX solutions work together to drive digital transformation and help strengthen the patient-centered business of healthcare.
  • GHX Shop – Redeem points earned throughout the GHX Summit and pick from a selection of unique take-home items. Or choose to convert your points to a donation benefiting one of several nonprofit community impact organizations.


Attendees will have an opportunity to learn how GHX can support ERP cloud migrations through an open discussion about best practices, learnings, and content specific to each ERP. Sessions are designed to be informal to ensure individuals have an ample amount of time to ask institution-specific questions.

User Groups include:

  • GHX + Infor User Group
  • GHX + Oracle User Group
  • GHX + Workday User Group

User Group sessions are scheduled for the morning of Thursday, May 16. 


Join us for three fun and relaxing evening eventsa welcoming way to unwind from the busy days and spend time together with fellow Summit attendees. Attire is casual. Details will be announced closer to the event. 

Reconnect with and meet new colleagues, friends and GHX over appetizers and drinks while exploring Summit Central.

Join us for an evening of local cuisine, live music, and networking. The Belmont, nestled in the heart of Austin is the perfect venue for experiencing all that makes Austin special.

Celebrate an amazing Summit on our final night together with a dinner that promises not only an exquisite culinary journey but also a unique opportunity to forge lasting connections and exchange valuable insights.


*Session is open to all attendees but the content is focused on the senior/executive level.