Robert Hatkins
Director, Procurement Operations and Dock Services
Stanford Health Care

Robert Hatkins has worked in healthcare for more than 20 years. Before coming to Stanford Health Care, Hatkins served as manager, Business Development and Analytics for UCSF Medical Center. At Stanford Health Care, Hatkins previously served as director, Supply Chain Sourcing and currently serves as director, Procurement Operations and Dock Services.

Hatkins’ expertise is in reducing waste and simplifying processes to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings. Having a background in programming allows Hatkins to be creative in developing custom solutions to longstanding problems. In addition, he has partnered with suppliers and software companies to create new products and increase the functionality of existing products. Two notable milestones since joining Stanford, met through building a Sourcing team and leveraging systems and automation, include a 50% reduction in FTEs performing transactional functions and a non-labor spend savings of greater than $60M. 

The years of effort at two top-rated healthcare providers have been recognized by GHX with a ranking in the GHX Best 50, Provider of the Year and Industry Impact awards, and by ECRI’s Supply Chain Excellence award. 

Robert Hatkins