Executive Roundtable | Healing the Healthcare Workforce (by invitation only)

[Participation in this session is by invitation only. Buffet lunch will be served.]

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated numerous challenges for our healthcare system and underscored the need for action. Perhaps the most critical are those related to the workforce upon which our ability to deliver quality, affordable and accessible care depends. Senior-level healthcare leaders will explore the myriad issues impacting the workforce and generate discussion on how to solve them. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Labor shortages
  • Rising labor costs
  • Workforce burnout
  • Competition for talent from other industries
  • Workforce violence
  • Engaging remote staff
  • Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion

This is a partial list, and the conversation will be driven by the participants. Additionally, we will share the results of a recent GHX survey on workplace challenges to ground the conversation and guide the discussion.

Ginny Clarke Melody Vanoy
Room 212-213 | South Tower