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International Best-selling Author, Podcaster and Optimist

Be Happy First: Resilience and Breakthrough Performance in Times of Change

This inspiring talk is for anybody looking for simple, practical ways to lift performance to new heights. In Neil’s case, he realized before life could change, he had to change. Leadership ultimately comes from within. When company execs would ask him “How did you get so happy?” he’d share the secret is to “Be happy first” and let the mindset you cultivate ultimately enable your success. Neil’s presentation leaves audiences with five clear tools they can use to achieve their biggest goals.

Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Mapping the Journey: 2021 and Beyond
Bruce Johnson provides a brief update on company priorities and vision, and what customers can expect from GHX in the future.
Tina Murphy
President & CEO
Impact & Inspiration: Stories from the Heroes of 2020
Listen in to hear the fascinating, inspirational stories from several 2020 GHXcellence Award winners who sit down with our own Tina Murphy.


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Does value analysis have a role to play in the fiscal success of a health system? It does at Spectrum Health!   

Join Kristen Sinke and Amy Bertotti as they share obstacles and learnings from Spectrum Health’s 2-year journey to create a more clinically integrated supply chain. These value analysis professionals will discuss how they developed a more advanced and proactive system-level value analysis program.     
Kristen and Amy will also highlight how identifying and creating “outcome-based” partnerships within their supplier ecosystem has helped add additional value and expedited achievement of financial goals. We’ll also gain the supplier’s perspective as Cori Maegley, who manages value-based partnerships for Medtronic, joins to discuss her company’s role and commitments in creating a strategic partnership with Spectrum.  

**Recording of this June 8 webinar is now viewable on-demand**

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

For health systems, navigating the ever-changing maze of legal, ethical and professional standards and regulations that comprise healthcare compliance can be overwhelming. Creating a compliance-driven culture requires commitment at all levels of the hospital system. Without a proper foundation of support, health systems risk the repercussions of neglect crashing down around them, potentially leading to fines, lawsuits or loss of licenses. In the era of value-based care where profit margins are extremely narrow, these results can be devastating.   

**Recording of this June 22 webinar is now viewable on-demand**
During this discussion, GHX compliance expert Dr. Jennifer Williams and two health system leaders with first-hand experience will discuss key elements and processes to consider when addressing system-wide compliance at all levels of the organization. This includes the need to monitor, measure and modify to augment the safety of staff and patients.