Smashing Silos & Leading Across Boundaries: How NIH Supply Chain Serves Science

Government has a reputation for moving slowly, yet we saw during the pandemic that the federal government can sometimes mobilize programs swiftly to meet public needs with immediacy (i.e., vaccine rollout). What made a difference in our ability to see an immediate impact? By smashing “silos” to secure a sustainable supply chain to meet everyone’s needs, NIH will share lessons learned and the successes that came out of the pandemic to ensure supply chain sustainability. We’ll discuss how collaboration across government spaces with an enterprise mindset, and consistent transparency with industry communication on government-specific requirements escalated positive outcomes. 
What does the current landscape of requirements look like for NIH with domestic sourcing mandates? Elizabeth “Beth” Van Absher, Director of the NIH Division of Logistics Services, will share how the NIH is championing good for government, people-centric outcomes by:

  • Transforming vision into execution
  • Leveraging data sharing and transparency to proactively meet customer mission-critical needs
  • Establishing strong supplier partnerships
Elizabeth "Beth" Van Absher
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Salon A - 4 - Lower Level