This page is no longer active. The detailed agenda, with session dates, times & abstracts has now been published. 


Welcome to GHX Summit 23! Hear from president & CEO Tina Vatanka Murphy as she shares her vision for GHX in 2023 and beyond.

Speaker: Tina Vatanka Murphy, President and CEO, GHX 


Superior communication skills are key to success, and no one enlightens and empowers others with these skills more effectively than Mark Bowden. In this high-octane interactive keynote, Mark will teach you the body language techniques to make you stand out from the crowd, inspiring others while building trust and credibility. Don’t miss this energetic and humorous keynote, invaluable for life and business success.

Presented by Mark Bowden, World-renowned Expert in Body Language, Human Behavior and Communication, and Best-selling Author


Retired Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann is a former U.S. Army Green Beret who specialized in unconventional special operations missions in do-or-die environments all over the globe. Widely recognized for successfully leading teams in complex situations, Lt. Col. Mann draws from his heart-pounding career to bring Green Beret principles of leadership and rapport-building to today’s business leaders, providing an outline for how to make better human connections in high-stakes, low-trust environments.

Presented by Scott Mann, U.S. Army Green Beret (Ret.), Pineapple Express Mission Leader, Rooftop Leadership Expert


The pandemic may have raised national awareness of the importance of health equity, but many healthcare executives have been working for years, if not decades, to reduce disparities and increase access and affordability to quality care.  Hear directly from provider and supplier C-suite leaders about what they are doing in their own organizations, and how they are working across the supply chain to improve the health and well-being of both patients and their communities.  


Cathy Jacobson, President and CEO, Froedtert Health
David Ansell, MD, Chief Community Equity Officer, Rush University Medical Center
Additional speakers TBA


Data has become a critical component of healthcare delivery, research, and innovation. From payers to providers, medtech companies to regulators, stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem rely on data to make informed decisions and drive positive outcomes for patients. Health systems generate a wealth of data on technology and care management strategies. Medtech manufacturers need to build and maintain a data strategy that leverages clinical data from devices and patient outcomes to bring innovative solutions to the market. Payers are constantly looking for new sources of data to help make informed decisions on personalized strategies for covered lives. However, data sharing and collaboration among these stakeholders can be challenging, hindered by silos, divergent incentives, and trust issues.

Join us as renowned experts and leaders across medtech, health systems, payers, and regulators will come together to explore these issues. Our distinguished panelists will share their experiences and insights on the following topics:

  • Strategies for improving alignment between health systems and medtech manufacturers to optimize data collection and analysis
  • Approaches to overcoming diverging imperatives and building trust between stakeholders
  • Balancing subjectivity and objectivity in data analysis to keep the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem

Christian F. Howell, SVP/GM, Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Government, Aetion
Additional speakers TBA



45 minute sessions

Baptist Little Rock built real collaboration and camaraderie between the Procurement and AP teams, eventually leading to AP moving from Finance and into Supply Chain. Then Covid hit and they maintained this team mentality and engagement as they moved to hybrid and remote workforce models. Now, as they move to cloud-based systems, they are looking at the opportunities this new technology offers for further relationship-building and creative problem-solving.

Vicki Dardenne, System Director Procurement, Baptist Little Rock
Jeana Wilson, Purchasing Manager, Baptist Little Rock


Learn how Axogen has worked to control costs through payment automation, creating sustainable mutual value between the supplier and their providers. 

Speaker: Ralph Engle, CTP, Manager, Treasury & Financial Services, Axogen


Successful migrations to cloud ERP delivers modernized processes, simplified data flows and better actionable insight. But, like with legacy systems, implementations can get stale even as your cloud ERP continues to deliver new capabilities.

In this session, we’ll share approaches to governing supply chain technology that encourage continuous innovation and optimization. We’ll highlight how Monument Health leans in with their cloud enterprise management provider, Workday, and GHX to streamline processes and improve access to clean, up to date data.

Brad Haupt, Vice President Supply Chain and Contract Management, Monument Health 
Keith Lohkamp, Sr. Director, Industry Strategy, Workday


The gap between clinical and administrative systems is problematic to hospitals as the electronic health record system and the enterprise resource planning system are critical. Even systems that are proficient at capturing data typically have data sharing limitations resulting in missed charge capture, lost inventory, higher waste and burdensome manual data entry for staff members.

Join us to learn how a point-of-use inventory management system connects the ERP and EHR to improve workflows for both nurses and supply chain teams.

Col. Francisco Dominicci (Ret.), Sr. Vice President, SVP, Federal Health, BEAT, LLC
April Imel, RN, Sr. Clinical Solutions Specialist, GHX
Mike Bishop, Senior Vice President, Provider Sales, GHX


Learn how Mount Sinai is curbing the impact of inflation by improving on-contract spend and achieving greater synergy across sites. You will hear the steps taken to reach their margin improvement goals and examples of strategies that worked for their organization to improve order accuracy, contract data quality for contract negotiations, and consistency in contract management. Plus, perspectives on what’s coming ahead in 2024 for Mount Sinai’s integrated data strategy in the cloud:  Moving from 5 ERPs to a single cloud ERP solution (Oracle) and single EHR (Epic). 

Franco Sagliocca, MBA, FACHE, Corporate Director, Supply Chain, Mount Sinai Health System
Vishal Goel, Senior Director, Mount Sinai Health System


Change is hard! Improvement, or getting better, almost always requires change – in fact, improving or changing a process is as much about changing behaviors as it is about changing the process itself.

This interactive session will offer-up unique insight, perspective, and ideas designed to help both providers and suppliers more effectively implement and manage change. Participants will learn how to identify change resistors along with recognizing some of the common reasons why people resist change. This session will also provide participants with relevant and proven tactics/techniques designed to support and enable effective, sustainable change within their organizations.

Speaker: Jacquie Jordan, Leader and Organizational Development, TribusAllen, Inc.


In 2022, healthcare providers and implant suppliers came together to develop a set of best practices and EDI specs for handling implant orders. Three members of that work group who implemented those recommendations talk about how it went, the lessons they learned, and the benefits they've seen.

Jack Koczela, Director, Supply Chain Services, Froedtert Health
Ryan Rotar, Executive Director, ERP Solutions, UNC Health
Donald Emery, Manager, Supply Chain Procure-to-Pay, HealthTrust
Urvi Shah, EDI - Sr. Manager, Johnson & Johnson
Josh Skiba, Director, Product Management, GHX


Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to change behavior – why we can't seem to follow through on our goals to eat healthier, patients don't adhere to their medications, doctors don't follow evidence-based care, or operations personnel don’t follow best protocols? Behavioral scientist Ted Robertson will explain the fundamental cognitive biases shaping our everyday behavior and how these insights can inform programs that successfully change behavior with examples from physician behavior and population health.

Speaker: Ted Robertson, Managing Director, ideas42


Executing product conversions effectively and efficiently remains a significant challenge for health systems, regardless of size and resourcing. As health systems continue to face financial pressures many supply chain teams are being asked to convert a lot of product to reduce costs. As a result, many health systems struggle with clinician conversion fatigue, skepticism, and mounting challenges managing the workload. Any one of these challenges can make a product conversion fall apart and negatively impact the supply chain team’s efforts to drive clinical alignment. 

During this session, attendees will hear best practices on how to execute product conversions, from Scripps Health and Stanford Health Care who will strategies on:  

  • Potential Governance structures
  • Ways to improve physician alignment
  • Operational workflow optimization
  • Clinical engagement and communication 
  • Compliance tracking 

Cecile Hozouri, Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Scripps Health
Michael Kohler, Administrative Director, Procurement, Stanford Health Care

Moderator: April Imel, RN, Sr. Clinical Solutions Specialist, GHX


During this session, participants will learn the “why” behind Healthcare Anchor Network's Impact Purchasing Commitment (IPC)—a comprehensive framework to leverage health system supply chain practices more intentionally to address place-based inequities and create healthy communities.

Presenters will provide real world examples of the complexities behind executing the IPC, infrastructure needed and early wins that have helped build momentum internally. They will share how the commitment has shaped their impact purchasing approach, lessons learned and discuss working at the intersection of multiple impact lenses to more effectively address social determinants of health for the communities they serve.

David Zuckerman, President & Founder, Healthcare Anchor Network
Jeremy Strong, System Vice President, Supply Chain & Hospital Operations, Rush University System for Health
Ije-Enu Udeze Nwosu, Executive Director of Impact Spending, Kaiser Permanente 


The pandemic has forever changed the stature of the hospital supply chain. Once viewed as a necessary expense, it now has a critical role to play in ensuring the continuity of care delivery. 

Further, as health systems face a litany of new challenges—continuing shortages, increasing costs, growing market and regulatory demands, and social issues such as health equity and environmental sustainability—the role of value analysis and strategic sourcing professionals will also take on greater strategic importance. 

Join GHX vice president of Healthcare Value Karen Conway and industry leaders as they explore the evolving imperatives facing healthcare system executives. Learn how value analysis and strategic sourcing professionals can best prepare themselves, their organizations, and the communities they serve for success. 

Tom Lubotsky, Vice President, Supply Chain, Allina Health
Mary Larsen, Senior Sustainability and ESG Advisor
Liz Eisenberg, MSN, RN CVAHP, Director, Clinical Value Analysis, Scripps Health and President, Association of Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP)

Karen Conway, Vice President, Healthcare Value, GHX


Physician leaders in supply chain? Are they real or unicorns? Meet three supply chain physician leaders as they engage in an unfiltered and unrehearsed conversation about their journey, challenges, and successes. The U.S. healthcare system continues to be the costliest in the world while remaining last in quality among peer nations. This is not sustainable, and health systems will need a new model for a clinically integrated supply chain that is evidence-based and data-driven to maximize the value of care delivered. Learn how your supply chain can be clinically integrated and how physician leadership can be the secret sauce in your transformation.

Jimmy Chung, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Advantus Health Partners
Stacy Brethauer, MD, Clinical Professor of Surgery, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Deepak Goyal, MD, Executive Medical Director for Rev. Cycle and Supply Chain, Monument Health



In this session, learn how a manufacturer, distributor, and a health system leveraged the power of data and collaboration to support multiple objectives: lowering costs and improving efficiencies, but most importantly supporting both health equity and environmental sustainability.  

Lisa Hohman, CEO, Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Chet Damania, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Customer Solutions, Johnson & Johnson
Jeremy Strong, System Vice President, Supply Chain & Hospital Operations, Rush University System for Health 


Over the next 5-10 years, procedural volumes at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are expected to grow greater than 20% per year as more orthopedic, spine, and cardiology procedures are approved in that setting. As this new care setting continues to grow, new players will be responsible for providing patient care and managing the supply chains that enable that patient care. Providers and suppliers must be cognizant of these trends and how they may impact the way care is delivered.

Join us for this ASC market overview and summary of GHX's perspectives on the challenges, and potential solutions, that will emerge in this market.

Speaker: Rob Stineman, Director, Strategy & Corporate Development, GHX


Globally, healthcare operations are a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In the U.S., the percentage is approaching 10 percent of our national carbon footprint, with supply chain positioned to play a leading role in both measuring and reducing emissions and other negative impacts of healthcare operations. In this session, supply chain leaders from across the country outline what they are doing now to address increasing market and regulatory demands around sustainability and how you can prepare for a larger role in enhancing the health and welfare of patients and the planet. 

Marisa Farabaugh, Chief Supply Chain Officer, AdventHealth
Conrad Emmerich, Senior Vice President, Advocate Health

Sue Czajkowski, Regional Vice President Northeast Enterprise, Owens & Minor 

Karen Conway, Vice President, Healthcare Value, GHX


Join us as David Mimms from Memorial Hospital at Gulfport shares how his supply chain team transformed from a mere transactional department to a strategic arm of the organization through the implementation of new workflows, dynamic committees and standardized processes. With unbiased, vendor-agnostic evidence and data, the team now has the credibility to control costs effectively and manage clinical contract compliance. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the success of Memorial Hospital at Gulfport!

David Mimms, Director, Supply Chain, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport
Dan Hermes, Director, Advisory Services, GHX


Amy Bertotti, Director of Clinical Value Analysis at Corewell Health, shares how she and her team stayed on target with their strategic initiatives as the larger organization was undergoing a merger—a common source of turbulence in day-to-day operations at health systems across the country. Amy will highlight the importance of embedded resources in the supply chain to stay resilient and weather any kind of storm... from inside or outside the organization.  

Speaker: Amy Bertotti, Director, Clinical Value Analysis, Corewell Health


Join us as AHRMM’s Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) hosts an interactive workshop session where we discuss our future supply chain leaders and how we should be preparing them to lead. How do we retain and grow our top-level talent? How are we creating key roles and growth opportunities for our future leaders? Moreover, what can we do better? We want to hear from you so put your thinking caps on and let’s get ready to share and engage!  

Deric Gallagher, Supply Chain Manager, Centura Health
Rachel Anderson, Corporate Director, Supply Chain, Baptist Health
Heather Woodling, Director, Supply Chain Services, Palomar Health 


Like many hospitals, Hennepin Healthcare is striving for operational excellence. They’re setting the right foundation for their multi-year goals with improvements that are often overlooked but very necessary to achieve efficiencies through automation. And thanks to early planning, they are building on this foundation and seeing the needle move, motivating the team and keeping up enthusiasm.

Speaker: Susan Walters, System Strategic Contract Manager, Supply Chain Management, Hennepin Healthcare


The product adoption for complex devices today is slow, inefficient, and expensive. Just gaining access to prospective customers can take a Herculean effort from the credentialing and compliance perspective. How might technology serve to enhance the process and reduce costs? Hear from a panel of suppliers and providers who share insights on modern product adoption trends, how medical device teams are using technology to scale access to new medical devices and techniques, the challenges they are encountering, and opportunities to create more efficiencies.

Sam Grove, Director of Bundled Care
, Hackensack Meridian Health   
Marc Bolton, Senior Clinical Affairs Manager, Interventional Urology, Teleflex 
Adam Tuttle, Purchasing Contract Manager, Parkview Health 
Moderator: Dr. Kurt P. Cornell, M.D., Medical Science Liaison, Explorer, a GHX Company


Today’s supply chain is fragile, and children’s hospitals are uniquely affected by supply chain disruptions. Undoubtedly, it adds pressure to be more resilient. Hear from the talented supply chain team at Lurie Children’s Hospital as they discuss the steps taken to build a more resilient supply chain in the cloud. Attendees will learn about the pivotal turning point they faced while adopting Workday cloud technology and process transformation. This session will highlight two examples of incorporating technology to make operations more agile, including how to unlock greater visibility in Workday with EDI advance shipping notifications and ways to improve managing substitutions. 

DanNita Crawford, Purchasing Manager, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Katelyn Storton, CMRP, Director of Procurement, Supply Chain, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago  
Paige Conrad, Business Systems Manager, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Shelu Bhandari, Senior Director, Supply Chain, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago


Join Lindsay Vronko and Cory Cloingler of Corewell Health (previously Spectrum Health) as they share the strategies behind the organization's recent win of Supply & Demand Chain Executive's "Top Supply Chain Projects Award" for 2022.

During this session, Lindsay and Cory will highlight the innovative measures that Corewell Health implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a criticality rating system, to build a more proactive and resilient process for managing backorders. Learn how Corewell Health's teams were empowered with unbiased, vendor-agnostic data, and how a collaborative culture and access to the right tools can help tackle even the most difficult procurement challenges.

Lindsay Vronko, Clinical Value Analysis Program Specialist, Corewell Health
Corey Cloingler, Sourcing Category Manager, Corewell Health


In this session, you will hear from GE Healthcare, Boston Scientific, and Olympus Corporation of the Americas on how they drive sustainable, mutual value for hospitals and manufacturers by leveraging automation of order-to-cash processes that enable and reward accelerated payment processing.

Clint Cagle, USCAN Cash Operations Leader, GE
Brian Burbach, Global Director, Credit and Collections, Boston Scientific
Jason Fye, Manager, A/R Systems, Billing & Cash Applications, Olympus Corporation of the Americas


In this session, we will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with managing Bill-Only Implants in the healthcare supply chain, as well as best practices for improving efficiency and driving cost savings. You will hear from a leader at Stanford Healthcare who has successfully implemented new strategies and technologies to optimize Bill-Only Implant management, resulting in improved efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Speaker: Adam Littlejohn, Purchasing Manager, Stanford Health Care


Kirtan Patel, MD, Director of Medical Advising & Consulting at GHX, will lead a discussion on the importance of physician engagement in supply chain and how it can drive key quality and financial decisions. Learn about the tactics for involving physicians and making them key partners in healthcare initiatives. Along with a panel of clinical and supply chain voices, Kirtan will discuss best practices around utilizing physician data and clinical research to encourage conversations and improve collaboration between clinical and non-clinical stakeholders. Attendees will walk away with insights on how to monitor financial and clinical outcomes and advance the quality of care in their healthcare system. 

Kirtan Patel, MD, Director, Medical Advisory and Consulting, GHX
Dr. Patrick Osam, MD, Baptist Health - Little Rock
Regan Manning, MSHA, MBA, Senior Director, Resource Utilization, UAB Medicine
Guy Love, 
RN, CNOR, Director, Clinical Resource Integration, Providence
Kristin Motter, MBA, BSN, RN, CHVAP, Strategic Sourcing and Value Analysis Consultant, GHX


A health threat can appear at any moment, and the United States must be ready to respond. The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is part of the federal medical response infrastructure and can supplement medical countermeasures needed by states, tribal nations, territories and the largest metropolitan areas during public health emergencies. The supplies, medicines, and devices for lifesaving care contained in the stockpile can be used as a short-term, stopgap buffer when the immediate supply of these materials may not be available or sufficient. The SNS team works every day to prepare and respond to emergencies, support state and local preparedness activities, and ensure availability of critical medical assets to protect the health of Americans.

Bryan Heartsfield, Division Director, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), ASPR/SNS
John Fredenberg, Deputy Office Director/Division Director, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), ASPR/SNS

Moderator: Tina Johansen, Executive Director, Government Accounts, GHX

In this session, FNBO and Northwestern Medicine will discuss how AP digitization and automation helped Northwestern improve payment and treasury efficiencies that drive significant cost and time savings, and lend value to enterprise-level financial resiliency. By adding FNBO’s card program and accelerated ACH to the payment methods they offer suppliers, Northwestern helped the hospital and suppliers achieve their organizational goals.

Cathy McGarry, CTP, MBA, Director, Treasury Operations, Northwestern Medicine
Amy Platis, APM, Director, Finance, Northwestern Medicine
Blake Sorrell, Director, Healthcare Banking, FNBO


Join UCI Health's supply chain leaders for a discussion on how they standardized, operationalized, and streamlined best practices across their health system and out into the organization's system as a whole. The team will review their path to overcoming manual processes and fostering a culture of clinically integrated, evidence-based decisions. By leveraging technology and accessing the right tools, the team has been able to help transform their organization to adopt "systemness" and be resilient through supply chain shortages. 

Brandon Nguyen, Capital Procurement & Innovation, UCI Health
Sandra Reichle, Clinical Supply Chain Manager, UCI Health
Joy Kurdy, Strategic Sourcing & Value Analysis Manager, UCI Health
Cameron Beach, Business Systems Analyst, UCI Health
George Kurdy, Procurement Manager, UCI Health


In this session, you will hear from Duke University/Duke University Health System about how they set the vision and strategy for supply chain transformation with hospital and university leadership to fuel change, drive procure-to-pay operational efficiencies, and help Duke meet their strategic and financial goals.

Jim Churchman, Vice President, Procurement and Supply Chain, Duke University and Duke University Health System
Steve Jackson, Chief Revenue Officer, GHX 


In this session, Cathy Richier will share how she united four healthcare system AP teams in an enterprise-wide touchless PO invoice processing initiative with a former healthcare organization. She will describe the change management work she led to build a foundation for a system-wide “No PO, No Pay” policy and get everyone aligned – AP, Purchasing and health system executives – with this future state.

Speaker: Cathy Richier, Accounts Payable Director, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago


With the acceleration of technology in today’s business world, the collaboration between buyers, suppliers and technology companies is vital to strive towards improving the B2B experience. 

Grainger has been a leader in the eProcurement space for more than 25 years. In this session, Grainger will share learnings, challenges, and opportunities to provide their customers with a flawless and efficient eProcurement offer. This includes supporting legacy standards and adopting emerging solutions like APIs to serve real-time data, ensuring buyers have accurate information to guide their purchasing decisions.

Abby Sanchez, eCommerce Solutions Manager, Grainger
Sean Foran, Director, eCommerce Solutions, Grainger


As healthcare continues to navigate challenges never felt so acutely than during the pandemic, most decisions impacting patient care today must contribute to the broader vision of continued modernization and transformation.

We know that project plans, technology configurations and deadlines are paramount when thinking about a M.A.D event... but so are strategic decision-making and reasoning.  

Tactical approaches and strategic thinking must go together to successfully execute a M.A.D. event. Learn from three leading global suppliers the unique approaches they brought to their M.A.D. event and what enabled the project's overall success.

Elena Rodriguez, Director, Sales Enablement & Customer Support - Americas, Cordis
Chris Anne Cocanougher, Sr. Director, Commercial Operations, LivaNova
Andy Urban, Director, Ecommerce/O2C Operations, Philips Healthcare
Stacey Breeden, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts, GHX


Join us for an insightful presentation of research and analysis on the future structure of the healthcare delivery system along with the correlated impacts on the supply chain.

Chris Luoma, Senior Vice President, Strategy, GHX
Ilya Trakhtenberg, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting


Improving visibility across healthcare supply chains is essential to prevent product shortages, delays and inefficiencies and promote safer patient care. Leveraging GS1 Standards for unique product and location identification helps facilitate improved traceability and other key operational efficiencies. This session will cover the power of GS1 Standards in enabling supply chain visibility of medical devices or pharmaceuticals and provide an overview of resources available to support the adoption and use of unique identifiers.   

Speaker: Beth Wells, Senior Director, Community Engagement, Healthcare, GS1 US

Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A with UW Health and UChicago Medicine focusing on their supply chain implementation and optimization lessons.    

Judy Webb-Hapgood, System Vice President Supply Chain & Support Services, UW Health
Anurag Jaiswal, Executive Director Supply Chain Systems and Analytics, UChicago Medicine
Jeff Grizzaffi, Senior Director, Healthcare Supply Chain Product Strategy, Oracle


45 minute sessions

Reducing friction in order transaction processes is essential to scale operations and improve customer satisfaction. GHX Supplier Exchange streamlines key elements of transaction automation with integrated advanced logic and business rules to improve order transaction data accuracy and deliver a smoother transaction experience. 

Speaker: Andrea Bundermann, Solutions Specialist, GHX

Learn about GHX's premier set of solutions that promote automation, visibility, and efficiency. 

Alex Thomas, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Casey Pickett, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Lean into the holistic approach to value analysis and sourcing. Streamline and automate your product introduction management processes, optimize clinical spend, and address variation management through physician-level analytics with clinical evidence and best practices integrated every step of the way.

Mallory Garner, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Leighann Kreitzer, Solutions Specialist, GHX


GHX Inventory Management brings automation to the last frontier of manual processes within the hospital supply chain management lifecycle. Learn more about automation possibilities once your purchased products hit your loading dock. We’ll discuss how to eliminate common manual processes to increase efficiencies, optimization and visibility while managing inventory.

Speaker: Jeff Elmhurst, Solutions Specialist, GHX


A quiet midwestern hospital is left in shuddering fear after 35,000 items are found compromised. Analysts are working around the clock to find clues. Join your solution experts as they investigate and report on the most enriched data catalog in the industry, unearthing data automation opportunities that lie ahead.

Kathy Palmentere, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Jayne Nelson, Solutions Specialist, GHX


How are medical device companies driving commercial acceleration? How are providers minimizing procedural variability? Join this session to learn more about Explorer’s remote collaboration solution for the procedure suite, including role-specific best practice playbooks and intra-operative data capture, all used in parallel to elevate care delivery.

Speaker: Tessa Heydinger, Director, Product Management, GHX

Have you ever imagined a world where, through one platform, you are able to automate 100% of your invoices, accelerate payment, and reduce your DSO significantly? Learn how pairing GHX's eInvoicing and ePay solutions is making this a reality for suppliers today.

Speaker: John Davidian, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Learn how both providers and suppliers can leverage GHX solutions to simplify the Bill-Only order process for themselves and their trading partners.

Andrea Bundermann, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Trudy Lotter, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Join this session for a front-row seat to the procedural suite and candid discussion around harnessing technology to enhance patient care quality and safety, clinical workflows, and intraprocedural collaboration. Attendees will get a first-hand view of a patient procedure powered by remote digital case support, including live physician commentary from Drs. Benn and Kurman on how they use technology to extend the reach of procedural best practices and life-saving medical technology.  

Dr. Bryan Benn, Interventional Pulmonologist, Cleveland, OH 
Dr. Jonathan Kurman, Director, Interventional Pulmonology, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network 
Ryan Padilla, Executive Director, Explorer, a GHX Company
Brandon Kim, MD, MPH, Medical Science Liaison, Explorer, a GHX Company


Implantable orders like Bill-Only and Bill & Replace have always been a challenge when it comes to automating into a supplier's ERP system. Learn how GHX is collaborating with customers and leveraging intelligent business rules to solve these issues along with other complex order types. 

Speaker: Mike Mercado, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Discover how automation can transform your invoices and payments into a powerful duo that will create efficiency and saving. 

Vincent Banks, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Andrea Hasanbegovic, Channel Sales Director, GHX
Brandon Griess, Channel Sales Director, GHX


Session description coming soon. 

Speaker: Christy Vaughn, Manager, Consulting Services, GHX


Data alignment issues between trading partners adds time and cost to the process of serving customers. As a result, billions of dollars are wasted annually across healthcare. Learn how suppliers are solving for price and contract data alignment issues (and more) using GHX's solution - Advanced Transactions through a Single Channel. 

Speaker: John Davidian, Solutions Specialist, GHX


This session will be an overview of how GHX can help you optimize your vendor credentialing and visitor management programs, and how Vendormate integrates across a health system’s supply chain.

Nicholas Zasowski, Sales Account Executive, GHX


Data is critical to the GHX supplier community, and GHX is making access to your data easier through dashboards, canned reports, and advanced reporting functionality. Find out how a leading diagnostics supplier is leveraging SCA to improve performance across the entire order-to-invoice cycle.    

Speaker: Andrea Bundermann, Solutions Specialist, GHX


With GlobalFax, GHX takes your email and fax POs and sends them to you as an EDI order. That PO will automate into your EPR and will increase order accuracy.     

Speaker: Mike Mercado, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Lean into the holistic approach to value analysis and sourcing. Streamline and automate your product introduction management processes, optimize clinical spend, and address variation management through physician-level analytics with clinical evidence and best practices integrated every step of the way.   

Mallory Garner, Solutions Specialist, GHX
Leighann Kreitzer, Solutions Specialist, GHX


Costs are consistently outpacing revenue growth, already strained teams are being asked to do more with less, and the cash reserves needed to fund transformational change are dwindling. We believe it is critical to find ways to drive cost savings and improve financial health immediately. Join GHX and Optum Financial to learn about how to unlock revenue cycles, improve cash flow and drive AP automation. Our working capital acceleration program can help you transform accounts payable from a cost center to a profit center, positively impacting your balance sheet.   

Steve Lauricella, Vice President Innovation, Optum Financial
Max Drescher, Manager Innovation, Optum Financial
Nate Smith, Vice President, Business Development, GHX


An organized and holistic approach to inventory management leverages automation technologies and physical inventory auditing. Learn how this combined approach helps to control waste, minimize expired products, and prevent unnecessary costs.   

Scott Evans, Executive Director, Inventory Services, GHX 
Rebecca Johnson, Regional Field Manager, GHX 
Melissa Horn, Director, Inventory Sales, GHX



20-minute sessions presented in Summit Central

Cloud ERP implementations offer hospital systems unique opportunities to augment digital footprints, create efficiencies and transform ways of working. But it takes time and without thoughtful preparation and proper architecture can overwhelm resources and lead to missed opportunities to transform functions and the enterprise. In this session, hear how Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), ranked #1 in orthopedics for the last 13 years, started early, thought comprehensively, and executed detailed assessment and planning, looking across all layers of the operating model to maximize this rare opportunity to transform its supply chain.

Victoria Milla, Assistant Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) 
Aaron Garmong, Global Workday Healthcare Leader, Accenture 


The healthcare industry has experienced significant changes and challenges over the past few years. One of the biggest challenges confronting healthcare leaders and their organizations is workforce well-being. Healthcare workers, especially those in direct patient care roles, have experienced unprecedented stress, job fatigue, burnout, and trauma which can impact patient care.

During this session, we will share research on how empathy builds trust among healthcare leaders and workers and discuss how the best healthcare leaders are using empathetic listening and other techniques to successfully drive change.

Speaker: April Imel, RN, Senior Clinical Solutions Specialist, GHX


A 2022 GHX survey found approximately 10% of hospital medical/surgical supply orders are consignment implant (aka “bill only”) orders. Because of their complexity, many of these transactions are processed manually via email or fax. Historically, providers that wanted to send consignment implant orders via EDI had to create customizations on their own or relied on their Infor reps and GHX technical resources for assistance. 

But not anymore. In this session, learn how Infor, GHX and provider customers have collaborated to develop a step-by-step guide to automate consignment implant/bill only orders through the Infor CloudSuite ERP system that meets GHX EDI requirements out of the box. This turnkey solution can automate all four subtypes: bill only, bill and replace, waste and replenish/requisition. 

Brent Honadel, Principal Software Engineer, Infor
Ryan Kellogg, Product Manager, Infor
Additional speaker TBA


Calling all women in the healthcare supply chain. Want to strengthen your career and broaden your network through leadership development opportunities and mentoring relationships? In this informative and engaging Summit20 Talk, you will hear how Professional Women in Healthcare (PWC) members are working to reach all women in our industry with the goal of empowering them in their personal and professional lives. Regardless of where you are on your career path – from an aspiring leader to a C-suite executive – you will be inspired to join the growing, national voice for women in the businesses of healthcare delivery and manufacturing. 

Allison Therwhanger, Vice President, Innovia Medical and PWH Chair
Vicky Lyle, Vice President, Industry Association, Owens & Minor and PWH Past Chair
Sophie Rutherford, Strategic Account Executive, GHX 


From her time overseeing a Cath Lab, Kristin Motter will walk through a few best-practice examples of how to fold physician voices into sourcing initiatives via carefully crafted surveys and decision matrixes designed with both clinical and financial impacts in mind. 

Speaker: Kristin Motter, Strategic Sourcing and Value Analysis Consultant, GHX


The market has seen much downward price movement for drug-eluting stents across the vendor spectrum, providing new opportunities for savings that might otherwise go unnoticed. 
Join service line and value analysis expert Thomas Biel as he walks through the current coronary revascularization landscape. Thomas will highlight potential savings opportunities and share some best-practice tactics along the way.

Speaker: Thomas Biel, Service Line Advisor, GHX


2022 was one of the worst financial years on record for health systems, with some leaders saying they cannot fully take on health equity and the environmental impact of healthcare operations until they get their financial house in order. In this talk, GHX VP of Healthcare Value provides a compelling argument as to why both equity and the environment are key to long term economic well being.  

Speaker: Karen Conway, Vice President, Healthcare Value, GHX


In 2023, GHX launched the Perfect Order Dashboard which will serve as a pillar for the provider and supplier communities. In this Summit20 Talk, we'll explore the Perfect Order metric and how it impacts the GHX network, the learnings from a maturing supply chain network with elevating capabilities, and look at areas of opportunity to broaden and widen the lens of the metrics. The session will conclude with a preview of the GHX future, highlighting what we are excited about as we look ahead. 

Speaker: Dan Scelza, Manager, Product Management, GHX


El Camino Health needed to quickly move its aging PeopleSoft ERP system to Workday, which meant completing the transition in eight months and being stable by the end of the calendar year. El Camino not only transitioned to Workday and trained the entire end-user population, but they also seamlessly and successfully integrated to GHX. Come hear how El Camino was able to achieve an error rate of less than 1%, and stabilize all of their EDI integrations within the first few days of production.

Win Fisher, Healthcare Director, PwC
Paul Hasbrook, Sr. Director, Supply Chain and Expense Management, El Camino Health


The healthcare industry is ever-evolving, but so are the threats against it. Chief information security officer (CISO) Thien La leads the global enterprise cybersecurity program focused on protecting GHX customer and company-sensitive information from cyber threats. In this Summit20 Talk, Thien will explore some of the most prominent cyber threats healthcare faces today and how GHX works to keep provider and supplier data safe. The session will conclude with a preview of the GHX future, highlighting what we are excited about as we continue to strive for a secure, resilient supply chain.

Speaker: Thien La, Chief Information Security Officer, GHX


Self-care is an important element of leading a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. It’s about being intentional in looking after our mental, emotional and physical health. Join Alexis Kearns, Chief People Officer, GHX, to learn about the science behind self-care and practical tips on achieving it.

Speaker: Alexis Kearns, Chief People Officer, GHX


For purchase orders to flow through systems with no human intervention, there must be alignment in data between providers, distributors and suppliers. Often, product data changes more quickly than providers can update their data, which can lead to order delays and extra administrative overhead. In this talk, we will discuss the challenges with product data alignment and explore some techniques to mitigate the negative impact of misaligned data.

Vicky Lyle, Vice President, Industry Associations, Owens & Minor 
Shawn Cooke, Senior Director, Master Data & Contract Administration, Owens & Minor 



Summit Central is an expansive ballroom set up to facilitate a variety of networking and learning opportunities on a drop-in basis. Summit Central will be open throughout the days except during general sessions, and have dedicated space for the following: 

  • Solution Zone: Product Q&A and demos with GHX product experts at computer kiosks 
  • Summit20 Talks: Delivering casual, efficient 20-minute presentations on a variety of topics
  • GHX Experience: An interactive journey of some of GHX’s newest solutions
  • Networking: Space to meet with other attendees
  • GHX Store: Use your GHX Points for fun merchandise or charity donations


Attendees will have an opportunity to learn how GHX can support ERP cloud migrations through an open discussion about best practices, learnings, and content specific to each ERP. Sessions are designed to be informal to ensure individuals have an ample amount of time to ask institution-specific questions.

User Groups include:

  • GHX + Infor User Group
  • GHX + Oracle User Group
  • GHX + Workday User Group


Be sure to join all Summit attendees at our planned evening events, a welcoming way to unwind from our busy days!

  • Tuesday, May 9: Welcome Reception
  • Wednesday, May 10: Networking Dinner
  • Thursday, May 11: "A Taste of Chicago" Networking Dinner

Details TBA.


*Session is open to all attendees but the content is focused on the senior/executive level.