Ankur Teredesai
CEO, CueZen Inc.; Professor, Healthcare AI, University of Washington

Ankur Teredesai is a tenured professor at the University of Washington (UW) and founding director of UW’s Center for Data Science (CDS), the first-ever Data Science for Social Good university research center. His research has led to numerous advances in AI and Machine Learning to make healthcare actionable, affordable, and accountable.

In 2015, Teredesai spun out the startup KenSci and sold the business to Providence in 2021. At KenSci he led the movement to make AI in Healthcare, more assistive than artificial across the patient care continuum. He has published over 100 papers and patents. Prior to KenSci, Teredesai held industry appointments at IBM and Microsoft.

Teredesai’s mission is to deploy end-to-end AI-driven digital therapies. He continues to collaborate and learn from leaders and front-line healthcare staff alike, at numerous health systems globally (APAC, EU, UK, ANZ and US). His aim is to ensure that deployments of digital therapies using AI are more personalized, fair, and scalable for large populations. At CueZen Inc., Teredesai and his team are now delivering this mission of personalized AI-driven behavior change therapy.

Ankur Teredesai