Karthik Namachivayam
Product Manager
GE Healthcare

Karthik Namachivayam has 19 years of experience working in the supply chain domain in multiple industries across globe. Enabling automation for order-to-cash and on-time delivery process has been a passion and adventure for years. In Namachivayam’s current role at GE Healthcare, he is part of a global supply chain team serving as a product owner. He is responsible for ensuring products reach the hospital and patient on time, every day—365 days a year, 24/7.  

Namachivayam’s key focus is to help and improve patient care. Never a day goes by where he doesn’t learn something new, motivated by the knowledge that his work greatly impacts the success of his team, organization and ultimately the customer.

During the pandemic and the global logistics challenges that have persisted, Namachivayam has been driven to innovate and is excited to exchange learnings with other industry experts at GHX Summit 22.

Karthik Namachivayam