Automating Bill Only Orders: How Froedtert Health Did It and Why You Should Too

Froedtert Health tackled the challenge of bill-only orders in collaboration with GHX and a key member of Froedtert’s Supplier Partner Council. In just two months, they increased their bill-only PO EDI rate by 14% and at the same time increased volume by 412%. In this session, Michael Tabbert, Manager, Supply Chain, Froedtert Health, offers a step-by-step description of how his team worked with Froedtert’s vendor community and GHX to drive consignment order automation for greater efficiency, accuracy and cost savings. He advises other health systems on how they can do the same, emphasizing the need for supplier engagement and how broader automation in this area benefits the entire healthcare supply chain.

Michael Tabbert
Great Hall 1 - 3