Modernizing in the Cloud Roundtable: How Cloud Simplicity Brings Data Complexity

After attending the Modernizing in the Cloud breakout session (displayed above), pull up your chair to talk ‘data foundation’ strategy with proven leaders in supply chain data management. This interactive roundtable discussion will focus on ways a synchronized cloud ERP ‘data foundation’ can do more of the heavy lifting to ease pressures on staff who manually manage item information using spreadsheets, scouring websites or figuring out workarounds. In addition to the questions you bring, discussion will include:

- What is a ‘data foundation’ and how does it work?
- What does a foundation look like with two item masters (all your contract data)?
- What data attributes beyond the item master are needed for strategic initiatives such as strategic sourcing, supply chain resiliency and daily cash forecasting?
- What failures can a data foundation help prevent?
- What are three steps worth remembering to nail a modern data strategy?

Jena Milan Peter Nelson Hanzel Hutchinson Dylan Lawlor
Regency Ballroom 2