KEYNOTE ON-DEMAND | Unlocking Healthcare’s Innovation Potential: The Role of Diversity and Inclusion

The quest to minimize the health disparities across diverse populations is not new. COVID-19 has broadened and heightened awareness beyond the healthcare community that has been fighting for equity in healthcare delivery and outcomes for decades. Today, the data is clear: disadvantaged and marginalized populations are at increased risk from the coronavirus, demanding we do more. To catalyze long-lasting change and improve outcomes for both patients and the economy, we must embrace new ideas and new ways of delivering healthcare.

Tina Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer at GHX, and Mike Kaufmann, CEO of Cardinal Health, explore the critical role diversity and inclusivity play in sparking the innovation and collaboration necessary. Together, they will explore Cardinal’s unique and game-changing approach to these issues, while guiding us on the path to affecting positive, industry-wide change.

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