A Guided Tour of the Event Site (4:30 MIN)

How to Modify My Sessions (1 MIN)

How to Connect Using 1:1 Meetings (2 MIN)

How to Connect Using Your Virtual Badge (1:15 MIN)


Yes! To optimize your experience, we recommend you use Google Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer is not compatible and should not be used. 

Please note that organizational firewalls or VPNs may also prevent some event features from working as intended. Your IT department will be able to assist you with these types of issues.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi on any devices that are not being used for your meeting to protect bandwidth
  • Close all other programs you may have opened and reboot your computer prior to the conference
  • Plug into internet hardline if possible
  • Login to the Summit website only once; multiple logins will cause issues

Ensure you have taken the steps above to optimize your viewing experience.

Next, perform a Speed Test of your connection. This can be accomplished by going to http://www.speedtest.net. Wait until the page loads and click on “begin test” when it appears. To watch you will need at least between 1.5-2Mbps.


Summit Digital Connect is the reimagined “GHX Summit 2020” coming to you digitally online. GHX Summit 2020 was scheduled as a 3-day in-person event in April 2020, then postponed due to COVID-19. Now, rescheduled and befittingly named Summit Digital Connect, an amazing experience is planned. 

All parties in the business of healthcare—providers, suppliers, distributors and GPOs—will come together for a program packed with relevant, timely and valued industry knowledge and trends, thought leadership, best practices, GHX product expertise, networking and, yes, some fun! 

Event includes:

  • Breakout sessions presented by industry peers
  • Keynote sessions presented by industry experts and GHX leadership
  • Networking opportunities via small group and 1:1 meet-ups
  • Small group discussions on today's most pressing topics
  • GHX product experts available in the Learning Pavilion
  • GHXcellence Awards ceremony
  • Fun! Details to be announced

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Supply Chain Resiliency
  • Clinically Integrated Supply Chain
  • Value-Based Healthcare
  • Continuation of Care
  • Data & Analytics
  • Financial Optimization & Strategies
  • Leadership & Innovation

Representatives from both the buy and sell sides of healthcare, from all functions and organizational levels – from strategic to tactical.

  • Supply Chain
  • Value Analysis
  • Credentialing & Compliance
  • Finance
  • Clinical
  • eCommerce
  • Customer Service & Sales
  • IT

Yes, registered attendees will have opportunity to network virtually during the Summit LIVE portion of the program, October 27-29.

More details and instructions will be shared as the date draws near.

Yes, during the Summit LIVE portion of the program, October 27-29, you will be able to visit the Learning Pavilion or participate in small group discussions (space is limited) with the GHX Product team.

More details and instructions will be shared as the date draws near.

Yes, a virtual awards celebration will be held 4:00 PM ET on Thursday, October 29.

Yes, however there may be some sessons limited to provider and supplier attendees only.

We have submitted our Summit breakout and keynote sessions to AHRMM for CPE credits, and their approval and allocation of credits is pending. Once confirmed, details will be provided here in this FAQ.


GHX Summit Digital Connect is free to attend.  Registration is required. 

Digital Connect will take place over a 6-week period, September 22 – October 29, and presented in two distinct parts: 

SUMMIT SATELLITES | September 22 – October 23 

  • Live-streamed, in-depth breakout sessions 

  • 45-minute sessions including live Q&A 

  • Sessions available on-demand after live broadcast 

SUMMIT LIVE | October 27 – 29 

  • Keynotes, awards celebration, networking, 1:1 connections with peers and GHX product experts – PLUS many fun networking activities (TBA!) 

  • Access to on-demand Summit Satellite breakouts

  • 3-days, 4–5  hours/day

All times listed in the event are Eastern Standard Time. To the extent possible, the program schedule has been designed to serve our broad, globally based audience.  

Click here to register.

Only work email addresses are accepted. Personal email addresses, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL email addresses are not permitted.

If you receive the below error message at the start of registration it is typically because you are entering a personal, non-approved email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL. 

Error message: This email address has not been recognized 

Please register using a work email address. 

To modify your registration click here. To cancel your registration, send an email to Summit@ghx.com

Session registration is optional. It allows you to pre-plan the sessions you don’t want to miss. See instructions below and/or watch the 1-minute How-To video available at the top of this FAQ page.

How to register for breakout sessions, then view and modify selections:

  1. Go here to register for the overall Summit event or login if already registered for Summit
  2. In step 4 of event registration, a list of published sessions will display 
  3. Click the checkbox to the left of any session you want to register for
  4. Complete registration
  5. From the Registration Confirmed page, click Go to Summit Hub* button
  6. From Summit Hub page, click on My Sessions tab to view registered sessions
  7. Click Modify My Session List button to make adjustments

         *Summit Hub is also available from the main navigation


  • Session registration is the last step in event registration
  • Once registered for the Summit, you can add/modify/cancel selections by going to Summit Hub page > My Sessions > Modify My Session List
  • Because Summit sessions are not published until they draw near, not all sessions may display at the time you register for the event
  • As new sessions are published, you may register for them by following the steps outlined above (go to Summit Hub page > My Sessions > Modify My Session List)
  • Session registration is not required
  • If attending a session that you did not register for, go to Summit Hub page > All Sessions > find the desired session in the list and click View Session
  • Click on Add to Calendar next to any listed session to download a meeting file to your personal calendar (meeting files do not contain a link to access the session; see “How do I join a session?” FAQ for instructions on accessing a session)

Keynote and breakout sessions will not, but the small group discussions and some of the fun networking activities may be limited. 

To ensure your spot at sessions with a capacity, add any session of interest to your "My Session" list. Instructions for modifying your session list can be found in FAQs. You'll also find a 1-minute How-To video at the top of this FAQ page.

Yes! To optimize your experience, we recommend you use Google Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer is not compatible and should not be used. 

Please note that organizational firewalls or VPNs may also prevent some event features from working as intended. Your IT department will be able to assist you with these types of issues.

Yes, see instructions below.

HOW-TO | Add to Calendar function

If you want to hold a spot on your business calendar, use the Add to Calendar buttons or icons.

Find the Add to Calendar button or icon:

  • ICON: Summit Hub > 3-Day Live Agenda tab > calendar icon to right of any session name
  • BUTTON: Click on any session name > "session details" pop up appears > Add to Calendar button 


  • Click Add to Calendar button or icon
  • A pop up appears asking you to select the desired calendar format, make your selection
  • A calendar file is saved to Downloads folder or the default folder where your downloads are saved
  • Navigate to the downloaded file, click or double-click to open
  • File opens in your default calendar
  • Click Save & Close

The calendar file is now saved to your calendar. 


Follow the steps below to modify the sessions on your Session List or view the 1-minute How-To video at the top of this FAQ page.

  • Go to SUMMIT HUB and login
  • Navigate to MY SESSIONS tab
  • At bottom of session list, click MODIFY MY SESSIONS
  • Now, back in the registration path, click MY SESSIONS in progress bar
  • Modify your selected sessions
  • Click CONTINUE
  • Navigate to MY SESSIONS tab to view updated list

To access any Summit session, you must first be registered for the event.

  1. Shortly before the session is to begin, go to the Summit Hub page and login using your email address and password
  2. Find and click on the session name from the All Sessions tab, or My Sessions tab (if previously pre-selected)
  3. A Sessions Details window appears
  4. Click VIEW SESSION button
  5. If the session has not yet begun, you will be placed in the virtual session waiting room
  6. Five minutes before the session begins, you will automatically be taken into the session room


  • To optimize your experience, we recommend you use Google Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer is not compatible and should not be used. 
  • Organizational firewalls or VPNs may also prevent some event features from working as intended. Your IT department will be able to assist you with these types of issues.

For most sessions, yes. 

Roughly 3 hours following the original session broadcast. Through the end of 2020. 

Summit Digital Connect attendees are invited to directly engage with fellow attendees with our 1:1 Meeting platform.


  • You, and you alone, have 100% control of your meeting schedule
  • Meetings are private and virtual hosted within the event platform 
  • Up to 4 individuals may attend a meeting
  • You may invite others to a meeting, or you may receive an invite from others
  • You may accept or decline any meeting invite
  • Schedule meetings during the following: 
    • Monday – Friday
    • 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM ET 
    • October 21 - October 29, 5:00 PM ET


Send a meeting invite

  • Go to SUMMIT HUB and login
  • In top navigation under CONNECT, select ATTENDEE DIRECTORY
  • Find others with whom you would like to meet 
  • Click REQUEST MEETING button to create a meeting invitation
  • Click SUBMIT to activate the meeting invitation
  • Your invitee will receive an email invitation, with option to Accept or Decline
  • You will receive an email confirmation when invitee accepts/declines
  • In top navigation under CONNECT, select 1:1 MEETINGS to view your personal meeting schedule
  • Personal meeting schedule will display accepted, or pending, meetings*

Receive / respond to a meeting invite

  • If you are invited to a 1:1 Meeting, you will receive an email invitation
  • At the bottom of the invitation email, click Accept or Decline 
  • Accepted meetings will display in your personal meeting schedule:
  • In top navigation under CONNECT, select 1:1 MEETINGS 
  • Your personal meeting schedule includes meetings you have accepted or are pending*

Attend a scheduled meeting

  • Prior to the time of an accepted meeting, go to 1:1 MEETINGS

*Note: Declined meetings will not display on your personal meeting schedule


Your digital badge, available to you in PDF format, contains your unique QR code allowing it to function as an electronic business card You may download your badge then use it to exchange your contact information with fellow Summit attendees when in a video setting. It functions like a vCard. 


  • Return to your registration Confirmation page by clicking MY PROFILE in top navigation 
  • You are now on the My Sessions page of registration
  • Scroll down and click the Continue button 
  • Find and click Download Badge button to save PDF to your device and/or print
  • At your discretion during any video setting, display your badge, via device or printed sheet, with a fellow attendee 
  • Fellow attendee may then:
    • Use their device’s camera or badge scanner app (varies by phone model) to read QR code
    • Their device imports your contact data in their Contact app
    • Click Save 

NOTE: Only you have access to your badge and you control with whom it is shared